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Intercom's broadband solutions are the preferred method of connectivity for thousands of business customers nationwide.

In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York metropolitan area will be

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Let us tailor a solution to meet your needs. With bandwidth rates up to 10 Gbps we have you covered.


In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York

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Best price, best service and best coverage. One bill for all your circuits.


In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York metropolitan area will be lower than our

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At Intercom Online we know that a stable connection at a great price is what our clients look for, and we've been delivering on that promise since 1993.


In most cases

Hosted VoIP
Intercom's voice solutions provide enterprise level features without the cost and headaches of traditional phone systems.


Enterprise features without the enterprise cost

Intercom has the most professional, flexible, portable, and scalable hosted

Intercom's VoIP Solution - A Revolution in Telephony 

Efficiency and Scalability are the hallmarks of Intercom's VoIP service. Traditional VoIP providers charge by the seat or user which is not so flexible and economical for clients who have some users who make very few calls. The client has to pay the full per-seat monthly fee even for a user who makes just a handful of calls per month. Premise based PBX's enable a level of efficiency with dedicated lines or trunks, but at the cost of purchasing and managing equipment and dedicating each trunk to a specific PBX. For a multi-site company that can be a costly proposition.


Intercom does away with all those restrictions by providing virtual trunks which enable the client to reserve only the number of trunks that are needed for handling maximum simultaneous call loads. This revolutionary feature enables significant savings for companies which have a large portion of their users who don't make a high volume of calls. Intercom's virtual trunk feature is especially pragmatic for companies with multiple locations, who can reserve the maximum number of trunks needed across all locations. 


Whether your firm has a single site or multiple sites, Intercom's VoIP solution offers many benefits not seen in competing products. For more information click through to our VoIP section or contact one of our account executives today.


"I thank you for your awesomely fast and incredibly excellent service."
-- Christopher Neizert, Private Labs

"What can I say... I'm in South Florida and these guys are out of NYC and they feel like they're in the office nextdoor."
-- Ben Remsa, NorCom Inc.

"As far as Intercom is concerned, I had a great experience!"
-- Chris Schobert, FCB





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