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In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York metropolitan area will be

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In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York

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In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York metropolitan area will be lower than our

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In most cases

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myDISH.netSM Pricing


Download (Kbps) Upload (Kbps) Monthly Retail Service Price Monthly Transfer Allowance (GB) BoD (Overage) per MB Charge
384 96 $229 1.05 $0.35
512 128 $299 1.40 $0.35
768 192 $399 3.00 $0.35
1024 256 $679 5.00 $0.35
1536 384 $899 7.50 $0.35
  • Valid Transfer Allowance Factors are 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, and 4.00 (Factor rates are NOT applicable to monthly pricing, and if you wish to have an allowance factor applied, please contact us so we can provide you with a separate quote.) Basically, if you would like to decrease/increase the monthly allotment, you can only do so by the above four factor rates. For example, if you think 384k/96k's 1.05GB is too little then you can either double (apply factor rate of 2, thus 2.10GB/m) or quadruple (apply factor 4, thus 4.20GB/m) the monthly allotment.
  • It is important to note that monthly price does not directly correspond with the factor rates. Once we determine the ideal monthly transfer allotment for your needs, we will prepare a customized quote for you.
  • The Return Channel Satellite Terminal (RCST) has a ramp up time of 10 seconds (maximum) before the transmit CIR is achieved.
  • Base service includes a RCST receive CIR of 75% of the typical receive rate (basically guranteeing 75% of download speed) and a peak RCST receive rate of twice the typical receive rate, and RCST transmit CIR of 12.5% of the peak transmit rate.
  • This Access service allows you to access the Internet via the Intercom hub. This service includes up to 1 (one) public Internet address per RCST.


Monthly CIR Option 1 Adder Option 1 (overage) per MB adder Monthly CIR Option 2 Adder Option 2 (overage) per MB adder
$26 $0.06 $55 $0.11
$33 $0.06 $69 $0.11
$49 $0.06 $109 $0.11
$69 $0.06 $170 $0.11
$109 $0.06 $269 $0.11

Committed Information Rate Options are at additional cost above the basic monthly satellite services fees.

CIR Options

  • Option 1 - service includes a RCST transmit CIR of 25% of the peak transmit rate
  • Option 2 - service includes a RCST transmit CIR of 50% of the peak transmit rate.


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