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In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York metropolitan area will be

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In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York

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In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York metropolitan area will be lower than our

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In most cases

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myDISH.netSM Peer to Peer Networking

This wireless point-to-point service is geared towards the needs those end users which have multiple locations both domestically and internationally, and looking to reside their network into one broadband platform. This service allows the end users to maintain continuous connectivity between the remote locations to the main headquarter(s)/hub via the satellite at 100% Committed Information Rate utilizing private, dedicated channels. This service is independent from the Internet and will provide for a secure, private networking between all the sites. If Internet access is desired this can be achieved by connecting the headquarter/hub to terrestrial WAN or directly from Intercom’s NOC.

We offer the lowest cost and most advanced subscriber terminal with the ability to set up communications between any two-subscriber sites with direct single router-hop connections at symmetrical speeds up to 2Mbps. A combination of advanced routing features like Dynamic IP and PCMA provide operating efficiencies that you will not be able to get anywhere else.

Each terminal is a building block that lets the end user economically connect users with up to three channels of integrated digital services, including voice, fax and data. Our P2P platform offers the following features:

  • FDMA (SCPC) DAMA channel with operating rates from 8 to 64kbps
  • FDMA (SCPC) High-speed DAMA channel operating rates from 64 to 2048kbps (this is dependent upon the antenna and BUC sizes)
  • Dynamic IP – A built-in router automatically adjusts allocated bandwidth “on the fly” as data rate requirements change. Dynamic IP continues to adjust the size of a circuit to exactly match the bandwidth requirements of all applications. When there are no applications running the circuit is torn down.
  • UP to five Calypso III units may be “stacked” allowing the use of one common transceiver and antenna system
  • Telephony Service – up to two channels per IDU of toll quality (G. 728) voice (FXS or E&M interfaces)
  • Facsimile Service – G3 14.4 kbps; V.27 ter, V.29 & V.17
  • Clear Channel Data – Symmetrical serial data rates up to 2048kbps

View Diagram of myDISH.netSM P2P Mini-Hub with “stacked” IDUs
View Diagram of myDISH.netSM Standard P2P Service



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