Make the Switch
Intercom's broadband solutions are the preferred method of connectivity for thousands of business customers nationwide.

In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York metropolitan area will be

At the Speed of Light
Let us tailor a solution to meet your needs. With bandwidth rates up to 10 Gbps we have you covered.


In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York

Nationwide Coverage
Best price, best service and best coverage. One bill for all your circuits.


In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York metropolitan area will be lower than our

Reliability and Savings
At Intercom Online we know that a stable connection at a great price is what our clients look for, and we've been delivering on that promise since 1993.


In most cases

Hosted VoIP
Intercom's voice solutions provide enterprise level features without the cost and headaches of traditional phone systems.


Enterprise features without the enterprise cost

Intercom has the most professional, flexible, portable, and scalable hosted Mobile / Disaster Recovery
The nature forces or other unexpected catastrophe can interrupt and permanently destroy the most reliable of terrestrial networks. A typical redundant connection follows the same underground cable conduits that primary connections use. Intercom wireless service bypasses outages to instantaneously restore your network connections, on-demand to any location, thus ensuring uninterrupted connection at end user’s sites.

Furthermore, in emergency situations the local infrastructure, especially cellular telephones, can quickly overwhelm their capacity. The reach of Intercom’s satellite communications coupled with our fast-deploying transportable terminals is an ideal match for the end user’s desire to have an alternative for quickly re-connecting their affected locations with voice and broadband data services. This mobile offering is easy to use and can literally be packed-up and moved in very short lapse of time.

Features Offered

  • Broadband IP connections of up to 2Mbps
  • Synchronous V.35 data connections
  • Virtual Private Networking
  • Internet Access
  • Videoconferencing
  • Telephony Service
  • Pay-by the minute
  • Mobility and Ease of Use


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