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Intercom's broadband solutions are the preferred method of connectivity for thousands of business customers nationwide.

In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York metropolitan area will be

At the Speed of Light
Let us tailor a solution to meet your needs. With bandwidth rates up to 10 Gbps we have you covered.


In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York

Nationwide Coverage
Best price, best service and best coverage. One bill for all your circuits.


In most cases prices for dedicated access in the New York metropolitan area will be lower than our

Reliability and Savings
At Intercom Online we know that a stable connection at a great price is what our clients look for, and we've been delivering on that promise since 1993.


In most cases

Hosted VoIP
Intercom's voice solutions provide enterprise level features without the cost and headaches of traditional phone systems.


Enterprise features without the enterprise cost

Intercom has the most professional, flexible, portable, and scalable hosted

Dedicated Servers

What you get:

A port on our high speed network that enables you to connect your dedicated server to the Internet at 10 Gigabits per second.

Why host on a dedicated server?

Typical web hosting solutions entail sharing the server that hosts your site with other customers' web sites. These may be popular sites that drain the memory and processing capacity of the server. If you host on a dedicated server, you will, of course be the only customer on your server. Moreover, as the administrator of your own server, you have the capability to install and upgrade any software you choose at your convenience. It's your dedicated server.

Why co-location?

Bringing a dedicated connection to your office requires a leased line from the phone company. Leased lines cost several hundred dollars per month, thousands of dollars to set up, and they take weeks to install. Co-location means not having to pay for a leased line to your office or the high-priced engineers to manage it around the clock.

Why Intercom?

No matter where your business is located, co-locating a server at Intercom provides an ideal platform to establish your secure online presence. At Intercom Online we maintain redundant connections to the Internet. In case there is a problem with one of the connections, your server will remain connected to the Internet via one of our other connections. New York City Datacenter Co-location Fees

Call us at 1-866-MEGABIT for Special Pricing!

Setup Fees For Network Connection

Switch Port Setup Fee
10/100 Mbps $500

Monthly Fees For 19" Wide / 23" Deep Rack Space

Rack Space

Monthly Fee
1u 1.75" $100
2u 3.5" $150
3u 5.25" $200
4u 7" $250
5u 8.75" $300
8u 14" $400
1/4 rack or 11u 19.25" $500
1/2 rack or 22u 38.50" $850
1 rack or 44u 77.00" $1500


  • 1U or RU or rack unit = 1.75 vertical
    inches. 44U in a full 77" rack.
  • One reboot port per customer included.
    Additional mandatory ports at a $250/server.
  • One-time setup fee of $100 per RU.
  • Surcharge For Non-Rackmountable
    Equipment - $40/Mo/Shelf.

Monthly Fees For Limited Rate Bandwidth

Kilobits per Second Fee Per Month
128k $199
256k $299
512k $399
1.0M $499
2.0M $999
3.0M $1425
4.0M $1850
5.0M $2250
10Mb $3995
15Mb $5495
20Mb $6795
25Mb $7995
30Mb $8995


  • Burstable bandwidth is charged at these same
    rates plus and is measured at the 95th percentile.

The above prices are for colocation where the customer provides their own server, where we will determine the dimensions of the server and price the rackspace accordingly. A custom price quote will be provided for dedicated colocation where Intercom provides a server. The server would be sold, leased or rented to the client depending on what equipment is needed, credit and their payment preference. Prepaid and long term discounts are available.



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